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N08 – Plumbers Tote With 8 Compartments (20 X 10 X 5 1/8)


N08 – Plumbers Tote With 8 Compartments (20 X 10 X 5 1/8)

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When it comes to durability, the Plumbers Tote With 8 Compartments from Pioneer Steel stands out. It’s made from 20 and 22-gauge steel that makes it tough enough to withstand the constant use and wear and tear that comes with a job site. This tote is built to last and can handle the weight of various plumbing tools. Unlike plastic toolboxes, the steel construction of this tote is resistant to impact and damage.

The galvanized plated tube-style handles provide an extra level of durability, making it more comfortable to carry around the tote even when it’s loaded with plumbing equipment. It has a powder coat finish, ensuring that it remains protected from rust and corrosion.

Pioneer Steel is manufactured in the USA with over 45 years of experience. The company prides itself on making quality steel boxes that cater to various professionals’ needs, ensuring that their products are outstanding in the market.


  • All products are made in the USA.
  • Environmentally friendly powder coat finish.
  • Cold Roll high-quality steel and heavier gauge than industry standards.
  • 100% guarantee in quality and workmanship.


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